Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Received a copy of NOBROW's A Graphic Cosmogony last month. MATTHEW LYONS' Push It Backwards was a favorite, as expected. He's recently posted five of the seven pages on his site.

His project descriptions are always interesting; Lyons had this to say upon its completion:
"I’m the generation of the wire untangler. Untangling controllers and then wires at the back of computers, I am faster than you. Elders are supposed to teach me how to lay paving, mend the broken fence and pass on the knowledge of the man. However I show them how to use the computer. Barbara and Philip have no keen eye, but they are very chuffed having managed to dial in a design for the lovely tea rooms in the town centre. It is over."

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  1. that is tight. i really like brecht vandenbroucke's illustrations too, and it says he did some pages! might have to order one...