Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drawings by Alejandro Sirio (1890–1953).

I first came across Sirio's work in the spring of 2009 in El Museo de Arte Español Enrique Larreta in Buenos Aires. He received a great deal of praise in Argentina during his lifetime, but most of his pieces have been scattered through different collections. In 2007, Ediciones de la Antorcha published Alejandro Sirio: El Ilustrador Olvidado, but tracking down a copy has proven to be pretty difficult.

Most online reproductions of his illustrations simply don't do them justice, but today I came across this incredible FLICKR SET with 25 large scans. Thank you, AVILAS.ES!


  1. glad you shared these. the top one reminds me of the mercy mercy me poster you designed last year.

  2. i was about to observe the same... The window illustration floored me.