Thursday, July 1, 2010


BRANDON and I made a disco tape for our buddy in upstate New York.

Also, I've set up a PayPal button in the right hand column for anyone who lives outside of Columbia, SC and is interested in purchasing a copy of IT IS U. I'd say I'm 40% percent sure that it works. Please contact me if you encounter any problems.

I'll be headed to Atlantic City(!) and New York tomorrow so posts will be scarce for a bit. See you soon.


  1. thats tight how you split up the sides

  2. thats such a sick cover dude! i love those shapes! is it all illustrator?

  3. This is so sick. Thank you so much for the book & the note - I'll miss you too, darlin.

    (In the long run. For the short run, see you next week!)

  4. thanks, guys.

    sam, i used illustrator for the shapes, but added some textures (which can't really be seen in the photograph) in photoshop.