Monday, June 14, 2010


I really admire illustrators who can use textures in efficient and interesting ways. I recently came across the work of MADS BERG and, in hopes of learning more about the process of breaking down a composition into basic, geometric shapes and applying gritty surfaces, copied one his pieces.

My copy is simplified and a bit darker. My gradients are borderline cheesy. With a limited understanding of Berg's process in mind, I turned to an older drawing and attempted to flesh it out in a similar (identical?) way.

This is the result. I used a SKETCH from a camping trip and applied a bit of grain to the finished drawing. My Illustrator chops aren't as impressive as a graphic design graduate's should be, but I'm rather happy with it. I've read from others that working in a particular artist's style or method of operation can be helpful within one's own work. Thoughts?


  1. Nice man. That's a great way to learn if you ask me, especially applying it to some you create yourself. I did that with the bloody mary invites - & ...(more or less) Anyways, I'd say you did a really good job at taking his style and making it your own. I'd say the main thing that sticks out to me is the brighter blue in jasons shirt. It seems to stick out a little too much upon first glance. But I love the gritty gradients and spacial background vs. foreground

  2. damn dude, this looks awesome! the grain really makes it. I'm always really impressed when people can make illustrator illustrations and it doesn't look flat and lame

  3. You know what, looking at this in different lighting I take back what I said. I like the bright blue. my bad

  4. love. seriously, bryce, everything you've done this summer has been incredibly impressive & inspiring.

  5. i appreciate it, guys.

    kevin, i agree something is a bit off about the stripes. i also think they should consistent with the diagonal from the background/fishing pole.